(Free Application for Federal Student Aid)


Not mastering the FAFSA process may needlessly put you in debt for the rest of your life! The financial aid office of the college your son or daughter wants to attend does not want you to know how arbitrary the FAFSA process is because it is embarrassingly unfair! Check out our 2011 FAFSA presentation at Oak Lawn Public Library.

We may be able to show you how to save thousands of dollars by making yourself more eligible for financial aid. The U.S. Department of Education publishes the annual criteria behind the formulas that determine your expected family contribution on their website. We have developed a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate your EFC (Expected Family Contribution) before you fill out your FAFSA.

Even if your earnings are too high and there is nothing we can do but show you why — won’t that knowledge be helpful in deciding where your student should apply?

Our FAFSA Consulting Services are free to all tax clients!

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  • Income Tax Consulting for the lowest possible EFC

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