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Lets face it – it’s a financial jungle out there. You’re working 12 hours a day so how can you keep up with it all? You need to avoid the pitfalls, but who’s advice can you trust? My name is Gerald Knight. I am a CPA, and a licensed Realtor and a licensed Mortgage Originator. My mission is to help you succeed in the business of daily life. Take a minute, read what I have to say and then click to join my mailing list. You’ll have no regrets – I guarantee it!

Trust me, this is not the second “Great Depression”

The economy is very likely to improve over the remainder of the year

Stock marketYes, it is true world wide trade will be down 12% this year and some aspects of the economy may continue to shrink. GDP was down 6% in the first QTR and ditto for the second, but third QTR should be flat and by Oct. our economy should be growing again. The stock market is always the best predictor of growth and Wall Street is up big-time from the November lows. Main Street is sure to follow. That’s not to say there won’t be more market corrections, but I’ve been advising clients to dollar cost average into the market since November, and those who continue to invest slowly but surely through the rough times ahead will be glad they did a year or two from now.

Why am I so confident? Because of the unprecedented fiscal and monetary stimulus that has been put in place. In 1933 President Hoover stimulated a much smaller economy by a little over 8% of GDP in a failed attempt to avoid the Great Depression. Our government has stimulus currently in place equal to nearly 29% of current GDP. Hoover’s economy declined by 27% off its peak. Since December 2007 our economy has declined a mere 1.8% – hardly comparable to what our parents or grand parents survived!

First-time home buyer credit to create floor for residential real estate

Now is the time to buy a cheap home! This market will stop falling at the bottom first! If you own a cheap home – sell into the coming demand, rent for a while and wait for the price of more expensive homes to drop!

The reason why they call it a “tax refund” is because normally the Dept. of Treasury is simply refunding your own money that was over-withheld from your paycheck. This time, if you are a first-time home buyer you will get your normal refund plus an additional $8,000 of Treasury money! In fact, the first-time home buyer credit is such a sure thing on May 12th the Secretary of HUD announced that the FHA will permit its lenders to monetize the credit by offering bridge loans to first-time buyers for down-payment purposes. (More on this in my next newsletter) If you still doubt that this fully refundable credit will provide significant support to homes at the bottom of this falling real estate market, then you are misunderstanding human nature. Every day folks are risking life in prison for less! Although higher priced homes will continue to depreciate as more foreclosures come onto the market, those valued for less than $160,000 may appreciate significantly as first-time buyers rush to buy before the credit expires at year end. We understand how this tax credit works and how you, your son or your daughter can work the angles to legally profit from the mini boom ahead. Don’t wait for prices to move higher to list these homes or to start looking. The idea is to buy these more affordable homes at depressed prices or sell into the coming demand and use the cash to trade up. Establish your Tax Busters connection today! We have scheduled several FREE FIRST-TIME HOME BUYER SEMINARS and several FREE CREDIT MONITORING AND REPAIR SEMINARS over the next few months. Join our mailing list by clicking on the icon to the left. Be sure to confirm your email address – that will give you the opportunity to let us know exactly how we can be of help.

Next Issue: A Realtor who says, “It’s not time to sell!” Unheard of? Ask my clients!

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